Specialist programs

Disability unit

Our disability unit supports children with a range of physical, intellectual and developmental disabilities. We offer an inclusive curriculum that is responsive to the needs of every child. Each child has a One Plan developed in collaboration with families and other support agencies. Our staff work closely with external service providers to ensure learning opportunities and programs achieve the best outcomes for each child.

Enrolments in the disability unit are determined through the Department for Education special option process. Taparra Primary School does not have the authority to enrol students in the Disability Unit as enrolments are offered externally by the department’s Student Support Services.

Year 5 and 6 community service

At Taparra Primary School, our year 5 and 6 students can nominate to complete community service to build on their leadership skills and develop skills including responsibility, care and compassion.

They can volunteer in the following areas:

  • Breakfast Club – helping prepare food each morning for students requiring breakfast
  • Library – assisting our librarian to organise and return books
  • Gardening – watering and maintaining the garden beds in our school garden
  • Sport equipment hire – lending equipment at play breaks and being responsible for its return
  • ProLo – learning to use an alternative communication device before working collaboratively with students in the disability unit to support their communication needs.

Accelerated Reader program

Each term, students are assessed using an online learning platform to measure their current reading abilities. Based on their results, they are assigned an Accelerated Reader (AR) level and suggested books that will challenge and stretch them appropriately to continue building their reading and comprehension skills.

The more complex a book, the more points a student receives. Awards are presented to students who have shown continual dedication to growing their reading ability.


Taparra Primary School’s sporting programs focus on volleyball, soccer and basketball. Students not only learn to play these sports in Physical Education lessons, but can join extracurricular teams and participate in additional trainings.

Breakfast Club

Daily Breakfast Club is available to all students in the canteen from 8.30am to 8.50am. Our Aboriginal Community Education Officer and senior leaders run the initiative with help from community volunteers and our year 5 and 6 students. Food is provided by Kickstart for Kids.